What Our Clients Say

  • “Christine helped our company significantly through a strategic planning and succession planning process. These things can be really arduous, but she made it interesting and, more importantly, she effectively guided the core team through a challenging set of tasks and goal-setting. It resulted in a much clearer vision of our future.”
    Dan Kasper, former COO, National Machine Group; President, The Biz Coach
  • “As business owners, we came to appreciate the value of an outside perspective. While we knew we needed to develop more structure and enhance our management team, we just couldn’t apply enough time and focus to it. Chris helped us clarify roles and responsibilities and she helped us articulate a clearer picture of our growth vision. We’re on our way to fulfilling it.”
    Rebecca Miniea, Vice President, Specialty Metals Processing Inc.
  • “Chris has the unique ability to think strategically and tactically. She understands that strategy without execution is meaningless. And, most importantly, she understands that good market tactics flow from a solid corporate strategy. I think she’s a terrific business development professional.”
    Erwin Bruder, President, The Gordian Organization
  • “Don was a key member of our leadership team. I was impressed with his effective communications, teambuilding, interpersonal and leadership skills. He forged strong relationships with our customers and stakeholders. Don is a strategic thinker and I value his wise advice and counsel.”
    Michael Heil, Ph.D., P.E., President & CEO, The Ohio Aerospace Institute
  • “G2G has worked with Don Majcher since 2006 and witnessed first-hand his high-energy, multi-pronged approach to helping businesses grow.  He is a strategic thinker who succeeds in connecting businesses, organizations and government. He has deep experience working with both small and large businesses and has helped many companies in Ohio pursue opportunities in the aerospace and defense sector.”
    Liz Powell, Founder & Principal, G2G Consulting, LLC
  • “Congratulations on receiving the honor of being appointed to the Executive Order of the Ohio Commodore in 2013 by Governor John Kasich. You are joining a select group of more than 350 men and women who have received this great honor since the founding of the Association of Ohio Commodores in 1966. You were recognized for your business accomplishments, acumen and leadership and for contributing to the growth and development of the State of the Ohio and its citizens.”
    Clyde R. Rauch, Grand Commodore, The Association of Ohio Commodores
  • I’ve referred many would-be startups and emerging growth companies to Chris. She provides a no-nonsense approach to working with entrepreneurs and business owners. She gives practical advice about their entrepreneurial readiness, quality of their business plan, and what they’ll need to do to attract investors or additional growth capital.”
    Dr. Steve G. Belovich, CEO, IQware
  • “Chris and her team provided meaningful insights from an external perspective that helped us make important strategic decisions. They helped us objectively assess the opportunity for a new product before we launched it. They also helped us to effectively position the product in the market.”
    Charles Mintz, former President, Superior Tool Company
  • “When I work with Christine on a project for one of my clients, I always know the end result will be excellent. She’s a great strategic thinker who knows how to execute a strategy with the right set of tactics. She’s great at helping companies identify and articulate a vision of their product’s core value.”
    John Hornyak, CEO, X2Media