Our approach to working with clients always starts with some type of assessment as a first step. The tools we use depend on your company’s current situation, its size, its vision for the future, and on our mutual agreement as to how BDS can most effectively work with you.

BDS SmartStart ™ Tools include questionnaires and audits geared to entrepreneurial start-ups or emerging growth companies. Areas covered include:

  • Entrepreneurial Readiness Quiz
  • Audit of your current business plan and Executive Summary
  • Assessment of your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Funding roadmap
  • Management team capability assessment

BDS SmartGrowth ™ Tools include questionnaires for owners, senior managers and employees of smaller to mid-cap companies and larger firms. Issues covered pertain to opportunities for growth, sales and marketing plans, culture, financial projections and budgets, R&D and plans for product development. Questions will be covered through a variety of tools including:

  • Owner-Executive Level Comprehensive Growth Assessment (70 questions)
  • Employee Level General Assessment (15 questions)
  • Voice-of-the-Customer Interviews
  • Innovation of Culture Assessment
  • Growing Pains Assessment
  • Sales & Marketing Audit

BDS SmartSteps Transition Assessments include two specific assessments to help a family business or closely-held enterprise define and articulate their aspirations for the future. These assessments help owners explore options for:

  • Personal future plans
  • Financial plans
  • Business growth plan
  • Ownership or management transition
  • Family dynamics and structure

The assessments used are delivered through a web portal where we walk clients through a series of questions and the answers provided create a customized Client Report with baseline recommendations. The two assessments used are the:

  • Family Business Assessment
  • The TransitionStrong ™ Assessment