Practice Areas

Six Core Practice Areas

BDS principals have a combined 60-plus years of experience working in diverse industries and market sectors. Each of our six core practice areas is supported by significant education and expertise in business disciplines, as well as by practical, in-the-trenches experience working for companies in senior management and leadership roles.

We excel at the intersection of planning and execution. We believe in the time-tested adage that “strategy without action steps for tomorrow is a dream, not a plan.” Our functional expertise is in the areas of strategy, marketing, financial modeling, and business development. Collectively, we’ve cut our teeth in Fortune 500 corporate America, in C-level roles in small to medium-sized businesses, and in the unpredictable environment of start-up enterprises. Our core practice areas represent the collection of this experience.

In addition, our principals are supported by a strong, collaborative and accomplished network of affiliates – professionals with significant credentials and achievements in areas that support these practice areas.

Regardless of your organization’s size or industry, we will help you accelerate your growth, expand your business, improve your performance, restructure, or assist you with transitioning to the next phase.