Case Study 4 – Growth Strategy to Increase Company Value


A division of a worldwide forged components supplier, the client is the largest supplier of contract selective electroplating and anodizing services in the world serving the U.S. and global locations. BDS was retained to develop a growth strategy to bolster company  performance, focusing specifically on the development of a new sales and marketing plan that would support a newly-created strategic plan.

What We Did

BDS conducted a comprehensive internal and external assessment as part of its BDS SMARTGrowth System ™. A variety of survey instruments and questionnaires were used to compile information on company structure, sales and marketing process and management, marketing programs and tactics, and customer satisfaction. Results of the surveys and assessments were used to develop a new Integrated Sales and Marketing Plan, a Large Account Management Plan, and a recommendation on a restructure of the sales and marketing team. Voice of the Customer (VOC) interviews were conducted with more than a dozen key customers to gain insights as to the technical capabilities of the company, service delivery and quality issues, and its strengths and weaknesses as compared to key competitors.


VOC interviews provided critical information to company management regarding customer relationships and how to protect and retain its best customers. The SMARTGrowth assessment provided valuable information about structure of the sales and marketing organization and the gaps in management and other staff. A new sales director was hired and the sales team was realigned to better serve its key customer segments. New performance goals and metrics were established, resulting in more consistent attainment of sales and revenue goals. Quality issues surfaced through the VOC interviews highlighted the need  for a realignment in the Quality group.