Case Study 1 – Strategic Growth Planning


A Midwest-based manufacturer of colorants, compounds, additives and custom polymer solutions. BDS was retained to develop a strategy to support the company’s growth vision and to bolster its marketing efforts specifically in the areas of brand recognition, marketing communications, and sales support tools and programs.

What We Did

Developed and implemented a formal strategic planning process to articulate a new vision for the company and to develop specific action plans and priorities in support of the new vision. The planning process and background work included interviews with numerous employees, key customers, and supplier partners. A deliverable from the strategic planning process was the development of an integrated sales and marketing plan, along with recommendations of resources to implement the plan in order to achieve sales goals consistent with the attainment of company growth objectives.


The company has consistently grown more than 20 percent a year since the implementation of a new strategic plan which began in 2009. In addition, the company is now recognized as a brand leader in its category and has launched several innovative product and service solutions which have positioned the company as an effective competitor against much larger providers with whom they compete. By implementing a marketing plan and market segmentation process, the company significantly enhanced its brand leadership with key customers in growing market segments such as pharma/nutraceuticals, medical and health & beauty.