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  • Christine Stadler Earns Family Business Transition Advisor Certification

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Christine Stadler Telephone: 216-401-9009 Email: Christine Stadler Earns Family Business Transition Advisor Certification  Cleveland, OH (February 27, 2014) – Christine Stadler recently completed the comprehensive TransitionStrongTM Family Business Transition Advisor training program offered through the Galliard Family Business Advisor Institute. Completion of the certification equips Stadler with comprehensive tools specially Continue Reading

  • Business Advisory Firm Expands Capabilities

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Chris Stadler Phone: 216-401-9009 Email: Business Advisory Firm Expands Capabilities Cleveland, OH – May 5, 2014 — BDS Inc., a business advisory and growth services firm, named Donald Majcher as CEO & Managing Partner. In his new role, Majcher will work with clients in the areas of strategic planning, operations, Continue Reading

  • The Story of Growth

    Once upon a time, there was a boy named Bobby who dreamed of being a great basketball start. Bobby’ dream had a problem – Bobby was short. Bobby knew that if he was ever going to be a great basketball star, he would need to find a way to grow a lot. One day, Bobby Continue Reading

  • Making Sibling Management Teams Work

    Brought to you by the Galliard Family Business Advisor Institute “Why does my brother get to lead the company; he may be older, but I am smarter and more experienced?” My younger sister is undermining my authority; how can I run a company like that?” We think both of our children have the skills to Continue Reading

  • Change as a Growth Imperative

    If you’ve read our One Word Wows, you’ll see that we include change as one of the imperatives for business growth. Change can come in many forms and can range from the significant variety, as in change in strategy, to something less significant such as a change in a policy or procedure. Fundamentally, a business Continue Reading

  • The 8-Stage Process of Creating Major Change — Foundation for Development of a Growth Vision Strategy

      In our article “Change as a Growth Imperative,” we refer to the work of John Kotter, world-renowned expert on leadership at the Harvard Business School. Below we review his eight steps for creating major change:   Establishing a Sense of Urgency Examining the marketing and competitive realities Identifying and discussing crises, potential crises, and Continue Reading

  • The Growing Pains of Getting to the Next Stage

    Many business owners and entrepreneurs have either a sales or some type of technical background. Oftentimes, they know a particular industry very well. Entrepreneurs typically want things done in their own way. They may be more intelligent or have better intuition than their subordinates, who come to rely on their leader’s “omnipotence.” Typical entrepreneurs tend Continue Reading

  • Start-Ups Require More Than Passion

    Passion alone is typically what drives a founder to get a new business off the ground. Start-ups have little other fuel to make them go; their futures are completely dependent upon the founder’s zeal and dedication to the idea. Unfortunately passion and dedication are typically not enough. In fact, 80 percent of new businesses fail Continue Reading

  • Beware the Idea Trap

    In a series of recent interviews with Inc. Magazine, author John Bradberry discusses the dangerous traps that typical entrepreneurs can fall into, in addition to the “passion trap.” Below, Bradberry, author of the recently-published 6 Secrets to Startup Success, talks about another common trap. There’s another trap. I called it the “idea trap,” where someone Continue Reading

  • Cracking the Code on Startup Success

    In a series of recently published interviews in Inc. Magazine, author John Bradberry offers interesting insights about the balance entrepreneurs must exhibit between passion and business reality. Below are excerpts from those interviews: Must one compromise excitement in order to avoid the passion trap? I think you can get the best of both worlds. What Continue Reading

  • Increase Sales Effectiveness the APR Way

    I got a piece of great advice from an old colleague about sales management.  He told me that it’s kind of like baseball.   You put together a good team then build a history of stats to get a better idea of situation success.   Many companies’ idea of sales training is focused exclusively on “making the Continue Reading

  • Be a Convert: Snag Leads and Convert Them Into Sales

    by Diane DiPiero, freelance writer/editor Written for CBC Magazine, 2012 You attend an industry trade show, and the target audience just so happens to be potential customers for your business. These companies are eager to work with someone like you, so they ask for your business card. Within three days of the trade show, you Continue Reading

  • Culture Really Does Matter

    In our work with more than 100 business owners over the last 10 years, and as hiring managers in our collective corporate roles spanning many years, we now fully appreciate the role that culture plays in an organization. It can be especially important within smaller companies, especially family-owned enterprises or entrepreneurships, where the personalities of Continue Reading

  • In Tough Times Take Action to Shape Your future

    By Clare Goldsberry Published: April 8, 2010 Although Plastics Color Corporation has been in business for over 40 years, the company never saw the need for a formal marketing program. However, when economic realities set in over the past two years, PCC saw the writing on the wall and took action to shape its future. Continue Reading

  • One Word Wows

    Strategy. Structure. People. Team. Feedback. Leadership. Habits. Focus. Culture. Succession. Ego. Change. These single-word themes are the imperatives for growth in any organization, but especially for the smaller business. As founders, business owners and CEOs wrestle with driving growth and value in their companies, they often find that one of these themes made a significant Continue Reading

  • The Relationship Review – A Must-Have for Key Accounts

    A few years ago, IndustryWeek published an article titled “If You Don’t Know What Your Customer Values, You’re Not Selling It.” It’s useful to highlight the key messages in this article as you (an owner or senior-level sales executive)  plan to conduct relationship reviews with your most important key accounts. A couple of excerpts from Continue Reading

  • Opportunities Abound in Aerospace Manufacturing

    Speaking at the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ 2012 Annual Conference, Don Majcher explained that the conditions are right for innovative aerospace suppliers to take on more business. If there was one definitive theme to Don Majcher’s presentation at the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ 2012 Annual Conference in Cleveland, it was that there are myriad opportunities Continue Reading