Who is BDS?

BDS Inc. is a business advisory services firm focused on accelerating growth. Simply put, it’s no simple task to grow a business. You may be tempted, in fact, to seek simplistic solutions – if we only had more leads; if only our prices were lower; if only we had that new product; if only our market was growing faster. BDS moves companies from the “if only” system of management to one driven by data, diagnostics and structure. The fact is, most companies reach accelerated growth after understanding ALL of the factors that drive their businesses, and after they’ve addressed the issues that can impede growth:

  • Operational costs
  • Market dynamics
  • Product performance and innovation
  • Pricing
  • Leadership
  • Access to capital for growth
  • Compensation
  • Marketing and sales effectiveness
  • Distribution channel conflict
  • Geographic reach
  • Organizational culture

Through our proven BDS SMARTGrowth Process™, we start by helping you Assess your current situation. We have a rigorous and defined process for Engaging with business owners, executives and key managers, to learn more about both the accelerators and decelerators. Then, we’ll work with you to Execute a plan for growth by co-creating a growth vision strategy. If you’re ready for the hard work required to achieve accelerated growth, if you’re ready to manage to a process with accountability and consistency, BDS SMARTGrowth will work for you. You can finally put a stop – right now – to constantly seeking some magic bullet that leads to growth. Because there’s a big difference between something being simple – and something being easy.

View BDS SmartGrowth™ System infographic for a quick visual representation of our process.