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We’re more than consultants We understand that advice is great. But to be effective, advice must be practical and it needs to be executed effectively. Read more about How We’re Different

Succeed the SMART Way

We’re uniquely positioned to serve a diverse client base -- from start-up companies to 3rd generation family-owned enterprises to divisions of Fortune 500 companies. Learn more at Practice Areas – Growth Planning

Increasing the Value of Your Business

Regardless of size, no organization can thrive and create a sustainable future without a consistent focus on increasing value. Learn how we can help you through our Practice Areas

Successful Family Business Transitions

We have the tools and support to assist you with a successful, well-planned transition. Read more in Practice Areas – Family Business Advisory Services

The Right Resources at the Right Time

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a market leader, access who and what you need when you need it. Read about our Agile, Capable Network


Founded in 2003, BDS is a business advisory services firm committed to delivering client-centric strategies and tools for accelerating growth and enhancing the value of your company. We work alongside business owners and leaders to identify barriers to growth and help you craft and implement a growth vision that works – for you, your employees, your customers, and all your stakeholders.

Our approach of client-driven flexibility works with a broad range of organizations – from startups and emerging growth companies, to family-owned businesses and mid-market range companies. Industries and sectors we encompass include aerospace and defense, energy, manufacturing, technology, distribution, and engineered materials.

Let us assist you with our BDS SMARTGrowth System ™ — the best choice for companies committed to creating a vision of profitable and sustainable growth:

  • SMARTStart – advisory services and tools for entrepreneurial start-ups and emerging growth companies
  • SMARTGrowth – tools and programs to create long-term sustainable growth for smaller to medium-sized organizations
  • SMARTSteps Transitions – a model for developing next stage options for family-owned businesses and closely-held enterprises